Antideceptic – Podcast Lineup

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I’ve been researching issues lately and let me tell you, I have come up with a lot of material – a lot of things that need to be discussed! Considering all that is going on in our great country, it really doesn’t take much forethought to come up with issues that are of, or should be of, great interest. Here is a brief list of some of the things I will be addressing in the coming weeks.

  • White Privilege
  • Free stuff is not really free
  • Taxes and how much we really pay (think hidden taxes)
  • The Matrix – a series
  • The Elites and how they control us
  • Politics: Sanders and AOC

So, it appears there is a lot there, but these are subjects that I have been researching for over 10 years now. Nothing really new to me, but I do realize that there are a lot of people that have not been awakened and still need help cutting through the veil. Stick around and let’s get through this together. If you know someone that needs a bit of help opening their eyes, please feel free to send them my way. Give them my email address and I will respond to any and all emails.

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