Antideceptic ep.3 – Google Infiltrates Conservative Organizations

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Nefarious Google

Hello, all, and welcome to episode three of our podcast series, “Google Infiltrates Conservative Organizations “.  We’re back again to address just one more on a long list of issues that plague our country today.  In my last podcast I talked about the notion that somehow the two major parties in our country had magically changes their ideologies by 180 degrees, and done so at around the same time. I know, sounds like a fantasy, right?  Well, it is.  But today we have a more current subject to discuss.  Something even more nefarious than the liberals lying about their true history.  Today we are going to have a short discussion about Google, and more specifically about a Google executive, Adam Kovacevich, who discussed in a leaked audio clip how Google is trying to “steer”, Adam’s words, not mine, conservatives and the conservative movement. 

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